Today I am really excited about starting a short course run by Shimelle called Blogging for Scrapbookers. You may not realise it but I am a numbers girl. I work with numbers, teacher others about numbers and study stuff to do with numbers. I am not nearly as comfortable with words and I have decided to put some time in to developing my blogging skills and thanks to Shimelle I now can jump in boots and all.


I am an Aussie, living in rural NSW. I have two wonderful grown up children, three (almost 4) grand children, the best husband and a full time job that I love. I am also working on my PhD. In my spare time I love to scrap and play with the family. Scrapping gives my brain a welcome rest and let's me reflect on all the good things in my life.


I am often scrapping about events that happened long enough ago that I cannot remember the details and emotions of the events. As a result my journaling is I feel superficial and I often find myself writing that it was “good fun” or that we had a “great day”. I guess I want to be able to include more detail in my journaling so that I can tell more of the story, not just the basics.


I am looking forward to being pushed outside my comfort zone and being challenged to record more interesting stories to go with the pictures I am scrapping. Also, reading other blogs and learning from others as well.